Our R & D center,more than 500 square meters, makes the use of modern interior decoration, standardization of design concepts combined with the latest GMP standard management requirements. Reasonable layout, local conditions, wet and dry partitions is to create a spacious, bright, clean, modern and other visual effects R & D center. facilities and equipment configuration is complete with the functional partition and rational layout , with the most advanced microbial detection laboratories (positive, negative chamber separate partition).

The company is equipped with a series of advanced research and testing equipment for use, such as: high performance liquid chromatography, high performance thin layer chromatography, gas chromatography, ultraviolet analyzer, capillary electrophoresis, atomic absorption analyzer, nanofiltration experimental equipment, freeze-drying equipment, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment.  We can form our own intellectual property rights by independent, self-developed high-tech products , and independently control the product content, routine, micro-organisms, pesticide residues, heavy metals and other quality indicators.